Wayne Robson :: The Music


I was writing songs long before I ever touched either 3D or art in general.  I write these for me, no one else, I have no illusions of grandeur or need for musical fame.   Some I use as background music for projects of mine others I simply have hanging around. 

All compositions are copyright Wayne Robson unless otherwise stated, so although you can feel free to use them for whatever you want to use them for, please credit me as composer and performer.  You'll notice a vast array of musical styles here as I play quite a few instruments and also have weakenss for sampling and looping stuff when I'm bored... inlcuding stuff of my own to mix things up. 



Adoramus Vertexium (2013) Baby Oiled (1997)
Hobbs Lane (1997 ) Evil Thoughs (1995)
Primitive Sculpts (album of pre 1995 material) Strutt (Abum of pre 1995 early four track demos)